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Activity History, Search, Approval Reset, and More...

Posted on September 14, 2016

A lot of new features and account improvements to catch you up on, so let’s jump right in!

In the past we’ve included a Proofing History on the Settings page to highlight some of the main movements on the album, but we wanted you to have more detail in order to document the entire process. So, we’ve included a full Activity History for each album that tracks every action on the album. This way, you can always reference what happened and when.

Album Activity History

You can also roll over the comments for a quick view of that specific round of comments which were made or received, in the order they were made on the presentation.

Roll Over Comments

Your Albums page is now more easily managed with the addition of global Search. Simply pop in the name or partial name of an album and your Albums list will automatically filter to help you find albums more quickly.

Album Search

Photographer accounts can now Reset Approval for an album. So, if your client accidentally approves the album and needs to continue the proofing process, you can quickly reset the approval from the Actions menu on your Albums page. When an album is reset, this will be reflected in the Activity History, so you can easily track this progress. This is definitely a feature you won’t want to use too liberally, but will be nice to have when those mistaken approvals happen.

Reset Album Approval

While everyone loves the new presentation interface, many of you mentioned that you missed the old comment list, which allowed you to see the list of comments for the album on a single scrolling page, rather than needing to flip through the album presentation. So, we’ve introduced a new List View for comments as an alternative to diving into the full Album View. Just another management option to help you shape your best workflow.

Comment List Link

Comment List View

Quick Tip - click on the thumbnail in the new Comment List View to see it full size in a convenient overlay.

Lastly, you now have more flexibility within archived albums. You can see the full Album View and comment histories for an archived album without needing to restore it first. This way, you can easily reference archived albums, while still keeping them ‘closed’ from viewing for clients who had the presentation link previously.


Posted on January 28, 2016

We are beyond excited to release this update for you! You and your clients can now comment directly on the presentation with our tagged comments. You can still make general comments in the comment area, but this allows for a higher level of clarity whenever it’s needed.

New Tagging Feature

(Images courtesy Clark+Walker Studio, thanks Luke & Alisha!)

You can also start a comment in the general comment area, and continue that comment as a tagged comment if it needs the extra level of detail.

Start a general comment

Continue as a tagged comment

New rounds of tagged comments will show in green to signify they require your attention, and while previous tagged comments are removed from view for less distraction, they are easily referenced. Highlight the comment in the comment history and the tag will appear.

New tagged comments shown in green

A secondary feature update, is that you can now have multiple comments per spread posted at the same time. This provides a way to separate different trains of thought and bring additional clarity to the communication.

Multiple unsent comments per spread

Tagging makes it easier to communicate, and saves time from any potential misunderstandings. We know it's something you've been asking for, and we agree it’s going to make proofing that much more efficient and enjoyable.

Another great feature to make proofing a fantastic client experience!

New Album View is...AWESOME!

Posted on September 29, 2015

We have another big update that we know you're going to love! It was time to retire the Preview and Comments pages and unify them in a brand new Album View! The new Album View streamlines the process and makes communicating on spreads a breeze.

New Photographer Album View

(Images courtesy Braedon Photography, thanks Brady!)

The 'wow' factor we recently added to client presentations has been integrated into the new Album View so you can always view the album at it's maximum size. Plus, you're always seeing the same thing as your client, which creates very nice consistency with your client experience.

You can now see the album at it's maximum size and leave comments at the same time! The comment interface is far more intuitive, streamlining your conversations on spreads and saving you time in the review process.

Staged Comments

The Album View is easy to find when you're in an album and we've also improved the secondary navigation.

New Album View button in Subnav

And when you're looking to find your way back to your Albums page or another part of the album menu, we have a new navigation in the Album View that helps you go where you need to in one easy click.

New Album View Navigation

Another feature to bring you the very best proofing experience and improve the ways you communicate with your clients!

Quickly identify comments in Thumbnail View

Posted on July 20, 2015

Ever have large albums with only a few comments from clients? We've made it much easier to find new comments quickly on an album by using the thumbnail view:

(Thanks to Lighthouse Photography for the album images!)

Click into thumbnail view and you'll see the number of comments made on each spread. Even better, you'll see the most recent comment requests from your clients lit up in green. This way, you never have to go spread to spread when you only want to skip directly to the layouts that need your attention.

Another feature to make the process more efficient as well as improve communication between you and your clients while proofing.

Bigger, bolder, and more beautiful presentations!

Posted on April 22, 2015

We've made an update to presentations that you and your clients are going to love! Presentation images now resize to take advantage of the maximum amount of screen real estate and provide that 'wow' factor for your client.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 7.00.54 PM.png

(Image courtesy JAG Studios, we love them!)

It's smart (responsive!) too, loading the best sized image no matter what screen your client is viewing their album on. It's always going to load as quickly as possible and look beautiful.

When it comes to showing off your beautiful album designs, we agree that bigger is better!

New Presentation Interface

Posted on February 17, 2015

Today we've released a brand new presentation and comments interface!


Not only is it a wonderful upgrade to the overall proofing experience, but it also lays the necessary groundwork for new features to follow.

The new UI possesses all of the same great features along with some additional improvements, including:

  • a redesigned viewing area
  • more realistic book flipping animation
  • identification of total page/spread count
  • easier ability to edit or delete staged comments

Many of you have been looking forward to these updates and we think you’ll really enjoy the results of our team’s hard work. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to build the best album proofing solution in the industry.

Updates to the Albums table

Posted on September 24, 2014

We've got a couple updates to your Albums table today that are going to make your life just a little better :)

First, we've added added a status column so that you can see what step of the proofing process an album is in with a quick glance.

If you've purchased an album design from us, you'll also see that pending album at the top of your album list in yellow while it's being designed.

If you work with a Design Studio, you'll appreciate that all of your albums are now in one table. Design Reviews that require your attention before sending on to your client will also appear highlighted and at the top of your list.


If you're on a free account, we've added slots for albums available in each category, so you always know where your account stands.


We hope the new albums table makes it even easier to manage proofing albums with your clients!

AlbumExposure Design Service

Posted on June 24, 2014

Feeling a bit behind or bogged down with album designs that need your attention? Or just want all of your album process in one place? Well, we’re here to help!

You can now purchase album design services right from your AlbumExposure account! Click on “Create New Album” then select “Buy a Design” to get started.


(Just a quick heads up, if you’re currently working exclusively with a Design Studio through AlbumExposure, this feature won’t be available to you, as you’re already getting great designs from your designer!)

The design style we offer is clean, classy, and modern, which we feel allows the images to really pop and makes for a timeless result.


Feel free to catch up on other things while we go to work on creating a beautiful album design for you to review.

Learn more and see design samples on the Design Service Page in your account.

DNS Masking

Posted on February 28, 2014

One great feature in AlbumExposure has always been the ability for you to customize the URL in order to make everything on the client side look like it’s coming from your website. This way, when your clients log in to view their album presentations, it will be all about your brand in every detail. It has always been our goal to help you keep your brand in front of your clients as much as possible.

Today, we are introducing a new method that is easier to setup than the previous one, more accessible to all of our users, and offers higher functionality. Some of you didn’t have access to your server files, which was previously required, so the new DNS customization method will make it easier to setup via your registrar or host. You'll also have the ability to link directly to an album when using your custom domain and can send clients on a more direct path to their albums.


If you’ve set up masking previously or if this is your first time, you can either view a quick video on our tutorials page or follow along in our guide.

Please let us know if you have any questions during the setup, we’re more than happy to help get you dialed in with your custom domain!