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Flip up animation, saved email content, & UX improvements

Posted on January 30, 2018

Happy New Year Friends! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying a great January :)

This month, we've made several updates to make your life easier in the proofing process.

1) We've added support for vertical albums

Version Selection

If you're offering the unique and fun calendar style albums to your clients, which have a horizontal spine that flip up, now you can better represent those in the proofing process with our new flip up animation. This provides a more realistic presentation for these types of albums and improves your client's experience. The default setting will continue to be for standard albums, so the selection above will remain 'unchecked' unless you need it for that album.

2) You can reference content from previous email messages sent to your clients

Version Selection

Sometimes it's helpful to know what you wrote to your clients in the initial Send Link email or if you resent that email at any point, especially if you edited the content to include pricing or other terms. From the Activity History, it's now easy to reference this message content at any time. Look for the paper airplane icon to indicate when you've sent a message to your client and then move your cursor over 'message' to see the details. One more way to keep all your communication for an album clear and organized.

We also made several UX improvements for smoother navigation between specific pages and certain actions. By making these movements more natural, you can stay focused on getting your albums to approval and not have to think as much about where to navigate next. If you don't notice and things just work as expected, then we've succeeded :)