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DNS Masking

Posted on February 28, 2014

One great feature in AlbumExposure has always been the ability for you to customize the URL in order to make everything on the client side look like it’s coming from your website. This way, when your clients log in to view their album presentations, it will be all about your brand in every detail. It has always been our goal to help you keep your brand in front of your clients as much as possible.

Today, we are introducing a new method that is easier to setup than the previous one, more accessible to all of our users, and offers higher functionality. Some of you didn’t have access to your server files, which was previously required, so the new DNS customization method will make it easier to setup via your registrar or host. You'll also have the ability to link directly to an album when using your custom domain and can send clients on a more direct path to their albums.


If you’ve set up masking previously or if this is your first time, you can either view a quick video on our tutorials page or follow along in our knowledge base.

Please let us know if you have any questions during the setup, we’re more than happy to help get you dialed in with your custom domain!