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Introducing AlbumExposure Design with Integrated Proofing!!

Posted on May 10, 2017

Album Workflow Redfined

Regarded by professional photographers as the standard for album proofing for over a decade, we've upped the game with our very own, integrated design solution! You can certainly continue to use our album proofing software with other design applications, but for many users, you've wanted another option and have asked for our recommendation. Today, we'd like to introduce and share our recommendation ;)

Integrated Album Process

Now you can shoot, design, and proof in one very smooth album process. We've crafted our design software to be completely flexible to meet your needs. It can be quick when you want it (with our auto-design feature) or you can control the fine details when you need it. No limitations, just beautiful album designs and a workflow that 'works' for you.

Beautiful Album Layouts

Learn more about AlbumExposure Design - and make sure to TRY it FREE for 30 days! You'll also find access to our brand new knowledge base from the Help menu. We hope it's one more way we can serve you well as you get started with the new design software and continue to shape your perfect album process.

Let's go design and proof some beautiful albums!