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Photographer Edition $149/yr

Album proofing for professional photographers & photography studios

Album Presentations

Simply the best way to present your designed albums online. Your clients will love the easy to use interface and all the right viewing options are included.

Streamlined Proofing

The perfect amount of comments to get you through the revision process quickly. It's chat style too, so you can keep a complete dialogue and revision history on every album.

Your Brand

Keep your brand in front of your clients at all times. Place your logo, change the color scheme, and even mask the URL to look as if it's coming direct from your site!

Send to Print

It's strictly optional, but we've integrated with several album manufacturers to make your life easier. We can check your files for accuracy and send directly with a click.


From the Share page, it's a snap to promote your albums on Facebook and Twitter, grab an embed code for your blog, or sell more by sending out a public album link.

Design Studio Edition $250/yr

Album management and proofing for design studios, album companies, and labs

Manage your Designers

Studios with multiple designers now have the only software built specifically to manage all album proofing and all designers in one easy to use interface. Sweet!

Album Presentations

Photographers are visual peeps, so pick the best way to present designs for their review. You proof to your photographer, they proof to their client…clear, beautiful, and right the first time.

Streamlined Proofing

Keep a detailed revision history, so that expectations are always clear. Maintain multiple channels of communication between you, your photographer, and their client.

Your Brand

Keep your brand in front of your photographers at all times, while giving them an easy way to keep their brand in front of their client. Everyone's happy and brand specific.

Custom Tailor your Workflow

Create client notifications that work best for your process and limit Send to Print options, if you're an album company yourself. Your workflow, so you decide.