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Enhanced Client Approval

Posted on July 09, 2018

At times in your album workflow, it can be helpful to get a little more intentional with clients. This can certainly be true when clients complete the proofing process and seek to approve their album design. You naturally want to be confident that your clients are sure of what the design approval means. Making the approval step more comprehensive should clarify expectations for your clients and provide additional protection for you from potential misunderstandings.

As a result, we've released a new enhanced client approval feature! It's available as a global setting option on the Communications page, accessible from the top right user's menu. When selected, this option will replace the current browser failsafe method that shows after a client selects to approve their album.

Version Selection

While the current method provides a solid message and offers a clear confirmation step, we know that some of you desire more. The upgraded client approval step includes more comprehensive messaging and a digital signature requirement.

Version Selection

Once signed, you can reference the client approval at anytime from the main Albums page or album's Activity History.

Albums Page: Version Selection

Activity History: Version Selection

Your client's signature approval includes your client's name, time/date, and an IP address, as confirmation of the digital signature and you can even print the full confirmation details to include in a client's job folder or to present in case a disagreement arrises.

Version Selection

NOTE: Our lawyers insisted that we can not allow the copy in this section to be editable, due to issues with contract law and limited liability of third party platforms. Basically, any legal documents you present to clients should be crafted by a licensed attorney and provided to your clients directly (not through a third party platform). We know that's not ideal, as we'd like to do more for your workflow, but we aren't attorneys and can't avoid their recommendations. We are certainly open to revisions for improving the content for all users, so if you have any thoughts, please let us know and we'll consult the legal team :).