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New Album View is...AWESOME!

Posted on September 29, 2015

We have another big update that we know you're going to love! It was time to retire the Preview and Comments pages and unify them in a brand new Album View! The new Album View streamlines the process and makes communicating on spreads a breeze.

New Photographer Album View

(Images courtesy Braedon Photography, thanks Brady!)

The 'wow' factor we recently added to client presentations has been integrated into the new Album View so you can always view the album at it's maximum size. Plus, you're always seeing the same thing as your client, which creates very nice consistency with your client experience.

You can now see the album at it's maximum size and leave comments at the same time! The comment interface is far more intuitive, streamlining your conversations on spreads and saving you time in the review process.

Staged Comments

The Album View is easy to find when you're in an album and we've also improved the secondary navigation.

New Album View button in Subnav

And when you're looking to find your way back to your Albums page or another part of the album menu, we have a new navigation in the Album View that helps you go where you need to in one easy click.

New Album View Navigation

Another feature to bring you the very best proofing experience and improve the ways you communicate with your clients!