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Only pay for what you use

We developed the Design Studio edition as an enterprise level software, but rather than charge a large annual fee for everything to be unlimited across the board (that is typical to enterprise solutions), we opted to make it more scalable and value driven. Rather than sink thousands of dollars per year into software for features you don't need or won't use, you can start with a very small annual cost and only spend more if it's attached to greater levels of business revenue. Win - Win, right! This way, Design Studios only pay for the value they receive and depending on your model, you can also choose to have photographers pay for additional values they desire for their business. Let me explain further.

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Communicate the right way

To accomplish multiple levels of communication as well as protect your brand and your photographer's brand when you use AlbumExposure, it's necessary for both you and your photographer to have an account. Your photographer will be prompted to sign up for a free account (if they don't already have one) when you send their first design presentation. To put your mind at rest, your photographers are never forced into paying for an account and can reasonably work for free. They will not have to pay anything for the system to work in full for them. So far, sounds good right...let's carry on then!

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How free photographer accounts work

Free accounts do have one usage limit that we'd like to explain, so there are no surprises. here's how it works:

  1. Design Reviews - In the proofing process, the first step is for your photographer to receive what we call a Design Review from you. Each Design Review provides your photographer an opportunity to determine if the design is correct and the way they intended it when they ordered it.
  2. Initial Revisions - If it needs revisions, no problem, they will comment on each spread and proof with the designer to get it right.
  3. Photographer Accepts - Once it's acceptable to your photographer, they will 'accept' it into their account for further actions, such as giving an approval directly or sending it out for proofing with their client.
  4. Design Queue - Photographers with a free account can queue up as many of these Design Reviews as they want, so that proofing with you as the designer is always free and there is never a limit to the number of designs you can send their direction.
  5. Proofing with the photographer's client - Let's say your photographer then decides to proof the design with their client. Again no problem and our system progressively walks them through the process as they get comfortable with the workflow.
  6. Active album limit for free accounts - Once a photographer, who is working on a free account, gets to three active albums (out proofing with clients), they will hit the usage limit and need to archive an active album prior to accepting another design review.
  7. Archive/Unarchive - Your photographer is able to archive or unarchive as needed to manage the flow of their albums. Based on average albums per photographer, most will find this to be a reasonable usage limit and can enjoy all of the benefits of AlbumExposure for free.
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Lift the limit when and if it makes sense for you

So, this is where it potentially becomes scalable for you. If you or your photographer find value in lifting the usage limit, it can be accomplished with a simple photographer account upgrade. If you choose to pay on behalf of your best photographers or power users, we provide you the ability to pay monthly for the desired 'gift accounts' at a 30% discount as well as release those accounts at any time you need to. This gives you complete flexibility to only pay if you're receiving value from those customers. Additionally, if you decide that the photographers are getting enough value from having an account that it should be their own business expense, they can choose to upgrade directly, no sweat. Ultimately, it's a very small annual cost for the benefits received, so whether it's you providing it as a benefit or your photographer choosing it for their business, everyone wins.

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We're feeling good and think you will too

We know our approach to this enterprise solution is different and we hope you'll find it to be refreshing. This scalable concept has already worked well for our current Design Studios and offers flexibility whether your design studio is large or small. We look forward to growing with you and know that—with this sustainable model in place—we'll all receive value along the way.

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